Frequently Asked Questions

How many teens do you help?

Our Meeting Places Street outreach helps 200 youth each year in the Orange County area with bus cards, food cards, medical resources and shelter resources.

Our Lake Forest Homes provides housing and college support for 6 youth each year.

Our Text Home Program just began this year. We expect to provide shelter resources to 250 youth in the first year.

How is donated money distributed across your organization?

The Teen Project™ team believes that the majority of donor money should go to direct services for your youth. Unless stated otherwise, your donations will go to direct services - scholarships, shelter costs and operating expensives for our home. We have two paid employees. Our Executive Director is paid by a direct grant through California Wellness Foundation and our house mom is covered by our board and regular donors. Our team consists of 50 volunteers, parents and empty nesters within our community.

The majority of our supplies, food and services have either been donated by community partners.

Do you have any federal or state support?

No. We are supported by private donations and foundations.

What are your priorities right now?

Pay off our college home by August 2012 when loan is due. Grow our national texting program to help homeless youth all over the U.S.

What is Lauri's role at The Teen Project?

Lauri is the visionary. She volunteers 100% of her work and is one of our donors.

How can we get Lauri to speak at our organization?

Lauri will usually speak anywhere for free, if your organization is willing to make a donation to The Teen Project.